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Almost all companies today want to put their products through stringent testing to ensure they only release their best in the market. One way they do this is through consumer testing, where they’ll get honest feedback from a select group of people who will use their products for a controlled time.

One of the companies that engage in this program is Adidas. This brand is one of the top sportswear companies when it comes to its product quality, reliability, and durability. Here’s how Adidas product testing works.

What Is Adidas Product Testing?


Adidas product testing, as the name suggests, is Adidas’ testing platform. It is the brand’s official program that aims to receive honest and valuable feedback about products that are soon to be released or are already available on the market.

The program allows you to try the brand’s products for free for a certain period and test out some of its features as requested of you. You then return the products — don’t worry, Adidas takes care of the return process — and provides your honest feedback to the brand.

If you are an avid Adidas fan and have been using their products for a while now, this is an excellent opportunity to try out their latest gear before committing to a purchase.

How To Become An Adidas Products Tester: 5 Tips


If you’re interested in becoming an Adidas product tester, here are five effective tips to help you get selected and become a valuable tester.

#1. Provide Your Demographics

The Adidas product testing program is only available for people residing in the US and some European countries. While Adidas has not released the list of countries in Europe where it’s available, you can apply for the test to check whether your location is accepted.

To be an Adidas product tester, you need to be 18 years old. You should also not be involved in any product testing programs of Adidas’ competitors like Under Armour, Nike, Fila, or Puma.

#2. Be Honest About Your Personal Preferences

Part of the application process for being an Adidas product tester is to complete a survey in which you will be asked about various aspects of Adidas products that most interest you.

Be truthful if you are keen on their footwear since this information will let Adidas determine if you are a suitable candidate. For example, if your shoe size is difficult to come across or if you do not play any sports, you may not be the right fit for this program.

#3. Be Committed To Being A Tester

Once you are accepted as an Adidas tester, you will receive an invite through email and a product will be delivered to you. This may take about two weeks or more.

Upon receipt of the product, you must use it for a mandated amount of hours or mileage for a week for the entire testing period. The testing period usually lasts two to four weeks.

During this time, it is best to keep a detailed log of the activities you engaged in while using the products and note down your feedback about its strengths and drawbacks.

Part of being a tester is not sharing any information concerning the merchandise you are currently testing. You should not post social media updates or communicate through any personal messages that you are presently trying an Adidas product.

#4. Return What’s Due

Unfortunately, the merchandise Adidas sends you is a loaned product, so you must send it back by the end of the testing period.

Adidas will send you the product with a Return Merchandise Label, so you can easily return the merchandise without any costs from your end.

Once the product is back at its manufacturing headquarters, the brand will typically assess how the merchandise endured the testing and identify possible changes that need to be implemented.

#5. Provide Your Honest Feedback.

Once you have returned the Adidas product, it’s time to complete the online questionnaire and provide your feedback and complete the testing process. Be very honest about what you thought of the product, how it fared throughout the testing period, and whether there are specific aspects that need to be improved.

Is It Easy To Become An Adidas Products Tester?

Is It Easy

Becoming an Adidas product tester is not as you’d think. Thousands of individuals apply to this program, so Adidas has a strict selection process in place.

Here are the minimum requirements you need to fulfill:

• Live in the US/certain European countries
• Be at least 18 years old
• Have internet access as well as a valid e−mail address
• Read and write in the English language
• Provide body measurements
• Not share any information related to the product you are testing (including social media/personal messages)
• Not test any competitor products

Apart from these, you will also need to have the right shoe size — Adidas testing products are only available in limited sizes — and be an avid sports lover or at least play one sport regularly to qualify for this program.

While the actual testing is not at all complicated as it is so easy to incorporate an Adidas product into your daily life, the real challenge is getting approved to become an Adidas product tester.

How Much Does Adidas Pay You To Test Products?

Unfortunately, Adidas does not pay money to any of its testers. You also do not get to keep any of the merchandise.

But, you do get the major perk of testing out their latest merchandise before they hit the market.

Is Being An Adidas Product Tester A Full-Time Job?

No, being an Adidas product tester is not a full-time job. It is not even a lucrative side hustle because you get zero monetary compensation for it.

Adidas does have a full-time QA (quality assurance) position in their company, but it is not the same as being a product tester.

Being an Adidas product tester is more of voluntary service in favor of Adidas so they can assess how their products perform in the real world and make due alterations before launching the product.

This is not a gig for you if you want to supplement your income. However, although you do not get any payment or even free footwear, you do get some personal experience of using the product before everybody else. So, you’ll know if the product is worth purchasing once released to the public.

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