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Adopting healthy lifestyle habits takes time. After all, they say it takes at least twenty-one days to make a habit. No matter how motivated and committed you are to make positive changes for your health and wellness, the lifestyle habits you implement will still take time to develop. Forming positive habits is all about making small, incremental changes over time.

With the understanding that you can’t see changes overnight, here are six active lifestyle habits to try out in 2022.

1. The Early Bird Lifestyle

If you want to start your day off on a high note, make the most of your morning free time by waking up early. Living the early bird lifestyle means that you wake up before the sun is up.

From there, you crush your morning routine, work out wearing your versatile sneakers for women, eat breakfast, and get ready to have a super productive day. All of us wish to be early birds sometimes, but it takes a truly committed individual to carry out these lifestyle habits daily.

2. Midday Madness Movers

For those who work best under pressure, you might find that picking up healthy lifestyle habits, such as taking care of your biggest priorities in the middle of the day, is the most effective for you.

Indeed, you’re the type to need extra time to ease into the day, enjoy your morning hours with coffee in hand, and allow your day to unfold a bit more gradually. Once 2 pm rolls around, you’re on top of it all. Midday movers know that getting work done in the middle of the day means having limited time to work with. Don’t get this lifestyle confused with being a night owl.

3. The Time Blockers

Maybe you’re interested in a lifestyle with scheduled time blocks for different activities. For example, you might decide that Monday is grocery shopping day, Sunday is laundry day, etc. You might even carve out time blocks for your work schedule. See what works for you and if time blocking is a convenient lifestyle change for you this year.

4. Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle

An intermittent fasting lifestyle might be the ticket to better health this year for those who want to maximize their health and wellness goals. Those who advocate for this lifestyle claim to experience improved energy and mental clarity during fasted states and better digestion overall. With intermittent fasting, you have windows for eating and windows for fasting. See if your health could use a boost with an intermittent fasting lifestyle in 2022.

5. Becoming A Minimalist

Another lifestyle habit to adopt this year is minimalism. Those who practice minimalism say they experience more peace in nature and feel less attached to material possessions. They find it easy to find joy in the little things and keep clean, simple homes. If minimalism sounds like a lifestyle shift that could better your outlook this year, give it a try.

6. Learning Something New

Another lifestyle habit to try this year is taking up a new skill and learning something new. Enriching your mind with new information and a sense of accomplishment is vital to mental health and wellness. See what you can accomplish this year by committing to learning something new. Whether it be an instrument, furniture making, or watercolor art, you can find joy and comfort in seeing your skills blossom over time.

The Bottom Line

Adopting healthy lifestyle habits is about considering the healthy changes you wish to make. Make this year count by adopting lifestyles that allow you to become your best self. Consider the six lifestyle concepts above as you work to create your own lifestyle habits in 2022.

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