7 styles to love

As we slowly near the end of 2022, there are a lot of fashion goodies to consider for the months ahead. This year, look no further than this article to get the inside scoop on the hottest trends! To make the most of your fashion this year, here are seven styles you should implement into your wardrobe for significant fashion points! Let’s get started!

1. Sustainable, Eco-friendly Fashion Trends

With sustainable fashion taking the world by storm, it’s not surprising that vintage trends are back and better than ever. This year, spot vintage finds like high-waisted jeans, oversized cardigans, petite maxi dresses, and fringe vests at local thrift stores and consignment shops near you. Recreate these iconic looks with fashion staples of decades past.

2. Faux Leather Finds For Your Favorite Items

With such a strong emphasis on eco-friendly fashion, fashion brands are doing their part to create a faux version of your favorite go-to items. Whether you need an outfit for your day-to-day or to complete your look for a night out, these faux versions have your style covered! Head to stores near you to find faux leather jackets and belts that complete any casual look!

3. Oversized Scarves For Casual Days

An easy and stylish way to dress up any outfit is to incorporate oversized scarves! Scarves not only keep you warm but add a simple, stylish element to any look! With barely any effort, wear scarves to create looks that make you look like you stepped off the runway! Shop for sustainable options whenever you can and aim to incorporate paisley and other artisan elements into your outfits with your accessories.

4. Bodysuits And Spandex Are Back

With the uprise in demand for comfy clothes that emerged from the increase in work-from-home positions, it’s no wonder that vintage fashion trends like 80s-inspired bodysuits and spandex are becoming popular once again. This year, blend comfort and style by purchasing spandex bodysuits from your favorite retailers.

5. Gothic And Grunge Looks

The 90s are back, with new takes on grunge and goth trends. Grab your favorite dark gray flannel, your ripped jeans, and your combat boots, and Come As You Are with these classic grunge staples. For added style, play up your makeup with dark eyeliner and lipstick to showcase your dark and dreary vibes. Not a makeup fan?

Paint your nails black or wear fingerless gloves to convey your apathy. Whatever gets that grunge style aesthetic across is perfect. You might notice increased pastel colors that sit alongside classic grunge looks. This increase in color is an abstract style in that it is a play on lightness and darkness. Can you have both? With a style combination like this, we think so.

6. Victorian Style Elements

Styles to implement this year also include jackets with Victorian-style elements. Think of military jackets with lace and blouses with intense brass buttons. Channel your antique energy and rock these trends as if they’ve never left.

7. Minimalist Trends Are In

With a focus on sustainability, it’s clear that fashion is emphasizing these points through trends in minimalist wardrobe choices. Look for neutral tops and bottoms, and pair them together.

Aim for black slacks with pleats and crisp, clean lines to look professional for work. These outfits are also great for sophisticated casual looks. Don’t forget your combat boots to bring just a hint of edge to your look.

The Bottom Line

Love your style this year by incorporating the above trends into your wardrobe. Create new and exciting looks out of fashion staples from today’s looks and those of decades past.

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